Triumph TR4
Triumph TR4 badge
Triumph TR4 headlamp flasher and grille

Only a few visible changes occured on the Triumph TR4 during production period. Some details help to spot the differences between a 1961 TR4 and a later TR4 A. But to know if a TR4A is equipped with a solid rear axle or independant rear suspension, you will have to crawl under the car, unless there is an IRS badge on the bootlid.

Triumph TR4

- painted metal dashboard,

- front grille with front parking lamps,

- Triumph front badge similar to TR3's,

- big over-riders.

Triumph TR4 red Triumph TR4 side Triumph TR4 front grille
Triumph TR4 boot lid
Triumph TR4 rear bumper and boot lid Triumph TR4 rear lamp Triumph TR4 white red e type jaguar
Triumph TR4A side
No side mouldings on the early TR4.
Triumph TR4A door window
The TR4 is the first "Triumph Roadster" with winding windows.
Triumph TR4 front flasher direction indicator
Parking lamps are located on the grille.

Triumph TR4 early badge
From TR4 A, the Triumph TR badge will be replaced with a world globe. 

Triumph TR4 A AND TR4A IRS

From 1965, rear end is modified to accomodate the independant suspension. Therefore, cars exported to North America keep the solid rear axle (TR4 A). On the other marketsla the TR4A is known as A IRS (IRS : Independant Rear Suspension).

See how the Triumphs TR4A and A IRS change from the earlier TR4 :

- new front grille : parking lamps deletion,
- new smaller front over-riders,
- side mouldings added on doors and front wings. Moulding ends on the front fenders are completed with nice finishers where parking lamps and side repeaters are located.

Triumph TRA4 IRS front grille and badge
TR4A with new grille, world globe badge and small overriders.

Triumph TR4A IRS rear IRS badge
This one is a
TR4A IRS, as reads the rear badge.

Triumpht TR4 A IRS green blue
TR4 A's side mouldings end with the combined parking lamp / side repeater.

Jeaguar e Type series 1 roadster
The "Surrey Top", a "targa" type hard top is a very appreciated option.

TR4A instruments - moto lita steering wheelNice instruments with chrome bezels.

Triumph TR4A wooden dashboard
The wooden dashboard gives the TR4A a bit of luxury.

Triumph TR4 engine
Engine and components are easy to reach in the engine bay.

Triumph TR4 SU carburettors
SU carburettors, fitted to TR4s and early TR4A / A IRS. Replaced by Strombergs on later cars.




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